Hotel in Alamut Valley

    Do you look for a hotel in Alamut Valley?  Then follow us on this post to get introduced to one of the best hotels in Alamut.

    We offer you a sleeping place in a village where you can experience authentic experience of village life in Iran. 

    The rooms have authentic, traditional mood. And the rooms have all beds. Most of the rooms have bathroom inside. Hot water is available for shower. 

    Do not miss the stargazing at the nights of Alamut Valley in this hostel. 

    Hosein is the owner/manager and the multi-task of the hostel. 

    He is an M.A graduate in tourism management and has decided to stay in his village to work in tourism and give service to the tourists. 

    Hosein Speaks basic English but can handle whatever needs of the tourists in terms of accommodation, food meals and tours within the valley. 

    He has a car to offer pick-ups and transfers within the valley. The valley is vast and walking the whole valley would not be possible. You will need a drive from this hostel to Alamut Castle, or the Garmaroud village (for long trekking plans), to Ovan lake and etc. 


    Together with his mother, they are happily working at and handling this hostel. Mother is the responsible for cooking delicious local dishes for the tourists. She is experienced in cooking both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals for the tourists in Alamut Valley. 

    This hostel is within some very close distances from the highlights in Alamut Valley. 

    The Canyons which are the most beautiful and spectacular landscape in the whole valley is within only 15 minutes drive from this hostel. 

    Alamut Castle as the most famous spot in Alamut Valley is within 30 minutes drive from this point. 

    There are small hiking possibilities at the mountains around the village. 

    Gate of Alamut is in cooperation with Ale Amoot hostel in performing professional tours to Alamut Valley.